Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Megumi and Hyde Sealed the Deal

Hyde of L'arc en~ciel

I’ve been a fan of L’arc en~ciel for almost a decade now, and I have to admit that I was just like all young fangirl-ish who worshiped them because of their vocalist, Hyde. Well, that was years back. Now, I love them more for their music…okay, and still because of Hyde.

Like any fangirl, I try to keep myself updated of the latest news and gossips about Laruku (what they’re commonly called). Recently, I’ve heard their songs, and man, they haven’t lost their touch. They just keep getting better with every album they release. No doubt about it. Laruku is destined to be stars having rocked the music scene since 1991.

Then, I found out that Hyde got hitched last December 25, 2001 to some girl named Oishi Megumi…!!!

“It’s seeing the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife.”

Hyde and Oishi met during an Utuban (a popular Japanese show) interview for Laruku's Dive to Blue album in 1998. Hyde has proudly professed in other interviews that her ideal girl should be someone like Megumi Oishi. He even said that he likes her for her beautiful face and how it has a light tone. In the show, the hosts and his band members set them up for a formal meeting since the two apparently haven't met in person despite working in the same showbiz circle. Hyde and Oishi had an instant spark during the their first meeting. It was a rare (so rare indeed) sighting of Hyde's funboy-y side. He was strangely inarticulate and shy (contrary to his usual strong presence on stage) during his small talk with the girl of his dreams. That was their first date, so to speak.

The two never ended up dating right after their fateful meeting for Oishi was still engaged to a Japanese athlete at that time. It wasn't until 1999 that they started going out after meeting once again at a party. It was said that Hyde only had eyes for Megumi and stayed beside her the whole party. Eventually, news about them dating came out of the tabloids. The rockstar and weather girl are officially the targets of paparazzis in Japan.

The two finally got hitched on December 25, 2000. The news about the wedding leaked out right after the ceremonies. They had their first baby in 2003 and never disclosed the gender or name of their child. Until the end, the two have been very discrete about their family life and relationship.

Allegations of divorce have bombarded the couple, but they have confirmed the rumors to be nothing but lies.

Hyde and Megumi, in my opinion, are the real deal. He might seem to be unable to nurture a monogamous loving relationship because of his rockstar reputation, but the Utuban interview sealed the deal for me. Enough said.

Hyde and the rest of L'arc en~ciel are going to conduct a tour in Japan and overseas this year.


Katarina K. said...

hello ^^ what interview was that? sorry cause i'm all confused, some people are saying he pushed her, other say hyde's cheating on her, some say other things etc. etc.

I believe Hyde would NEVER do something like that, but want to make this clear for myself.

Did they confirm they were lies?

boo uno said...

can u tell me who's that athlete??i'm dying to know!!plz!!!

boo uno said...

can u tell me who's that athlete?? I'm dying to know!!! plz!!!